The who and the why behind Naturally Captured images.

The memories I love, the moments I cherish with my family are what drive the pictures I take and the way I take them.

I’m a 30-year-old, saved-by-grace family girl who loves country life and my middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin upbringing. Unpacked, that comes out as technically, as the clock ticks, I’ve lived out a solid 3 decades, though my brain still tells me “How are you an adult?” It’ll catch up someday, I’m sure. My upbringing pointed me to the grace of God which drives my goal to give Him my best in everything I do. An easy-looking goal on paper. In addition to this, I was also trained in the fine graces of life: learning to drive a tractor in the hayfield, how to process venison, and how to properly stack one serious shed of firewood. Hard work and dirt. Lots of play, too, though usually that involved dirt, as well. Somewhere along the way, I grew up (I guess) and married my perfect match piece, Mitch. Though we love getaways and activities with just the two of us, we find so much joy in our kids- playing with them, teaching them new things, and just watching them grow.

There are so many memories to treasure.

The memories I love, the moments I cherish with my family are what drive the pictures I take and the way I take them. After multiple pose-and-smile scenarios, for sure your smile, and probably your body, are going to get stiff. I do aim for some posed and perfect images, but I integrate it with action. I pose you, you smile beautifully and we move on to some interaction, but I don’t leave you to awkwardly force your own interaction. When I give you something to talk about, an action to do, or a game to play, the candid moments happen organically! They just happen! You make them happen, and you probably didn’t even mean to. And no matter how many times a prompt works, every individual or group of individual executes it so differently and makes their own unique candid moments that it just makes me wild with delight. Warning, I sometimes even squeal. If I’m not, know I’m putting out great effort to hold it in.

The part I love equally to getting unique, candid, lifestyle images? All the feedback I get saying how much fun my clients had during their session. You may have missed that, so it’s totally worth repeating: They had fun getting their pictures taken.
Kids that can’t sit still.
Kids that are shy.
Dad’s. Dad’s have had fun at photo sessions! (Whaaaat?!?!)
If I can marry beautiful images to a fun time and good memories, that’s the recipe for ultimate photographer satisfaction, right there.



We love our family photos!! Jessica had a plan for great pictures and the shoot went so smoothly! If there is a downside it’s that there are so many good shots I’m going to have trouble picking which ones to display!

Thank you!

Tammy Johnson


noticing the little details


the fleeting moments that melt my heart


taking in the big picture with the man who asked me to grow old with him


real life… no matter what it looks like…

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