The girl behind the camera

While I’ve loved taking pictures since I was little, I’ve never been the one that constantly has a camera around her neck. This habit will occasionally find me exclaiming, “I wish I had my camera!” but I have no intention of changing it. Why? I love living life. And that’s what I want to capture in your pictures: You loving life. Posed? Yes, but hopefully not entirely. Natural and yourself? That’s the goal. Explore around the site and see if my work fits you!

The memories I love, the moments I cherish with my family are what drive the pictures I take and the way I take them.



Your family is as unique as a fingerprint. Your pictures should be a unique gallery to reflect that, not standard or generic. It should reflect the personalities you call family and what your family likes to do. We’re not just going to take pictures; we’re going to make some memories.


Celebrating new life from in utero through the first year: Rejoicing in the life growing inside of you; lullabying your newborn; loving each moment of that fast-changing first year.


Twelve years of twelve levels of hard work. A world of possibilities awaits. Totally worth celebrating.


The day you say, “I do.” There are moments you’ll never forget. There are details that you won’t have time to absorb. It all should be captured.

The naturally captured style

Naturally Captured Photography style is all wrapped up in the name. Natural, because you’re interacting and doing, not just sitting and sticking on a smile. Natural, because you’re not wondering what you should be doing. Natural, because you’re having fun and we’re keeping it casual. Natural, because I work the natural light to optimize how good you look. Natural, because the post-editing style is light and real-life. Natural, to remind yourself in all the tomorrows of what life was like TODAY.

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Nixon {1 Year}

In my unapologetic love for 1-year-old's, I've realized the collision of two worlds that makes this stage so enjoyable, photographically speaking. When taking pictures of newborns, I always have a goal to get some closeup pictures of little features: ears, toes,...

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Colby {Newborn}

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift from God, which is why we call it the present." It's not exactly certain who originated that quote, but no matter the person, they were insightful. Cherish right now. This is the frame of mind I get myself...

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Owen {Newborn}

Last week was full to the brim of blaze orange and woods and family for me... with one precious break to capture Owen's first days of life. He's a smart cookie and stayed tucked in his oven where it was warm and cozy just as long as he could, but finally, he made his...

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Happy clients say:

“I cannot stop smiling!!! You nailed it again! Even with my monster toddler. They’re perfect!” – Alisson Shea



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