The big day.
“It’s wedding day!”
“The day we tied the knot.”

Always defined as a day. True… a day-long collection of moments. The ones you lived, felt, smelled, saw… and a few you missed. The ones you wanted to go on forever. Moments that happened because of memories passed, and those that were the making of memories to be held forever. Moments you laughed. Moments you cried. Moments you wondered to even be real. Some perfect and dreamy. Others inspired a face palm.

This one little blog post cannot fully encompass the emotion of hundreds of moments captured from one day. In celebrating the one-week mark of marriage tomorrow, I anticipate (and hope!) the bride and groom (and loved ones that participated) will feel the day all over again in taking in the sampling of moments here: the excited anticipation, the proud parents, the love of friends, the deeper love for each other, the aching void where one more brother should be, and yet the overarching joy of the day.

Congratulations, Ben and Lena! May your marriage carry on the beauty of your wedding.

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