If you follow Naturally Captured at all, you may recognize these faces from their extended shoot last year in a field/farm setting. Let’s call this shoot the “fuller house follow up” because in addition to including some family members that couldn’t be here for last year’s shoot, we also have two new baby faces. <3 In preparation, and while doing this shoot, I kept thinking to myself, “If I were bubbling over with utter happiness at my whole family together, what images would I want captured for the photo album?”

The main order of business with an extended family shoot is the list of shots. Whole family, individual families, all the grandkids, grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa… the list goes on! Having done a few of these now, I’m incorporating more and more those “natural” moments, even with big groups like this. In between posed shots we do fun shots. Not every fun thing we do is a main picture idea. It’s to keep the kids interested. Get them moving. It’s hard enough for adults to do pose after pose for an extended period. It’s to get some not-so-cheese shots. Below, there’s a picture of the family doing the Cupid Shuffle. I didn’t intend it to be one of the favorite images. An in between shot. A behind the scenes of sorts, with a family being silly and keeping it light… and the kids wondering what in the world has gotten into all the adults.

Even with the posed shots we kept if fun by talking about memories, or I asked growing up together questions. I inadvertently opened a can of worms with one of the questions, haha! Regardless, this family was good natured and laughed along… making some memories that warm my heart to see. They’re family friends from since… well, before I was born, so I’m thrilled to give them their 2017 gallery of good-looking family memories. ^_^

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