It’s really too bad a person can’t remember being 1 year old. Back when there was no need to put forward a “good face.” Other than some shyness, nothing held the feelings back.

If something made you curious, you investigated it. Okay, it passed the finger test, now for the tongue test.

If something was funny, you laughed. Hard. What’s a double chin?

If something made you mad, there was no fear of anyone actually seeing it- I’m mad NOW!

If food was offered, nom-nom-NOM! Yeah, there’s food on my face. How else do you eat? Here’s a handful I’m willing to share with you, too.

The biggest heartbreaks in the world were getting out of the tub, getting your nose wiped, and being told you couldn’t touch the fire. The biggest joys? Peek-a-boo, throwing food, and Daddy and Mommy.

One year old’s: No pretenses. No pressure to live up to expectations. No shame. No holding back. If I could remember it, it would definitely be “the good old days.” 😀

Check out the images below to see Harper doing a stellar job at being one.

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