It could have been ruined.

Preliminary forecasts were possibly promising. Then less promising. Oh, actually bleak. The day before, it looked inevitably like the worst case scenario. Right at showtime. Though I was as disappointed as the rest of the crowd about the weather being handed down, my biggest worry: that the bride and groom would let it ruin their day and all memories therein.

Silly girl that I am.

They OWNED it! You should have heard them laughing as it went from sprinkling to down pouring right at processional time. And during portraits. At one point before the wedding, the bride told me, “So after the ceremony, we’re just going to have a trash the dress session. Just go out into the sunflowers and just run through them and who cares how wet and muddy we are.” YES! Not that I was excited for the ruining of a beautiful wedding gown, but because of the carefree attitude and inclination to have fun and make the best of whatever they were given. It is the difference between hating the memories of a wedding day, to remembering it with joy, because it was yours and NOTHING could ruin the joy of marrying the love of your life.

Emily and Erik, this attitude? It started off your marriage. Keep it. Take it through the rest of your marriage and watch in amazement as you see the sparkle in the rain drops. So incredibly thrilled for the two of you- a million congratulations!

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