I’ve been pretty excited to get this blue-eyed package of spunk in for her 1-year session! She graced my studio this time last year when we could count on her little baby fingers how many days she’d been in the world. Since her mom is a personal friend, I’ve been able to see all the great captures Mom grabs of those striking eyes full of joy, plus the myriads of outdoor adventures her parents have already given her a taste for. So, as you can imagine with my bend towards capturing eyes and capturing 1-year-old’s, this session was pretty anticipated. ^_^

Just like every 1-year session should go, some things went according to plan, some things exceeded plans, and some things were completely impromptu.

The balls, bubbles, and balloons? She loved them.

The cake? Daddy and Mommy prepared me that she was only interested in a meager poke at her party. This one, however, got some solid munching done on it, and sharing happened by the handful.

That picture with all the little toy critters? She quickly spotted the two I had missed cleaning off of a shelf and when her parents informed me of her love for animals I easily fed her desires. (My own children happen to love animals and we are overrun with ALL of the toy animals!)

The fabulous, glittery background was brought by mom as a personal touch from the big, first birthday party. Pretty perfect for a little girl that sparkles wherever she goes!

As such, we got all the goodness of a 1-year session. The planned, the unplanned, the individuality, the eyes, the joy, the mess, the love. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: a 1-year session pretty much CAN’T go wrong.

Happy 1st birthday, Miss Ember!

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