Having been in photography business in the official sense for just about 3 years now, I’ve had the opportunity for many repeat subjects- and I just love it! It is amazing how a child’s development shows through in pictures. I hung out with Daniel, Hanna, and Sophie (6 months, at the time) last fall for a family shoot, and just last week they cashed in on one of the winning spots in my recent winter shoot giveaway! Sophie went from tipping over from a sitting position 6 months ago to standing, walking, and totally not loving a fluffy winter coat. 🙂 Still the same, though: Daddy and Mommy can bring her from unimpressed to giggling in about 5 seconds… provided they’re not having her pull them in a sled… We squeezed this session in with the 12 hour window of snow we had available and documented some family fun and some turning one celebration. This family with their joyful personalities and unhidden love for each other makes capturing them (in snow and cold or in leaves and warmth) a fun experience. Everything a photographer- brand new or with years of experience- could ask for. 🙂

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