On the start of one of our beautiful summer days this year (I feel like there have only been enough to count on one hand!), I got some rare one-on-one time with my uncle, aunt and cousins! We hopped from one spot to another at the park, snapping pictures here and there and chatting in between. With 6 kids, group shots have potential to be a nightmare, and though the kids ranged from “PLEEEEEEEASE don’t take my picture” to “Put me where you want me and I will charm willingly,” everyone cooperated well and we got this family having some genuinely good times. It was fun, too, to get each cousin individually and see what made them tick to get out their best smile. Even little Abram, who is still adjusting to things, endured well through a lot of pictures! Since I played a small part in their wedding, I also enjoyed stealing Barry and JoAnn away for some pictures of the two of them. Barry’s kidding nature is alive and well which contributes, I think, to his bringing out JoAnn’s best smile. Thank you for choosing me to take your pictures, Barry and JoAnn! I enjoyed being able to spend this time with you guys. <3IMG_4705-1 IMG_4875-3 IMG_4892-4IMG_5002-7 IMG_4930-5 IMG_4964-6 IMG_5107-9IMG_4795-2 IMG_5126-10 IMG_5172-11 IMG_5307-12

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