The ultimate honor for me is repeat clients. Needless to say, I was honored to my tippy toes when Molly asked me to do their family pictures again this year. <3 We had so much fun with their family pictures last year! Which… made this evil little voice in my mind say, “So, what if all of this year’s pictures look just like last year’s- only a year older?”

Well, I quickly laughed away that evil little voice because when you set up opportunities for natural things to happen, they organically are unique… even with the same people. And I have to say, even with a storm rolling in, even with the Packer game happening as we were shooting (Dad was a trooper! 😀 ), it was still a blast yet again, with very original pictures! We used the normal Naturally Captured recipe of mixing posed shots with fun, happening shots, and the results make laughter just bubble right out of me. The family interaction was wonderful. The kids’ mischief, energy, and twinkly eyes was just right. And David and Molly, you two look pretty fabulous together. 🙂 You all gave me such great opportunities for such amazing images in such a short amount of time (darn weather). I thoroughly love photographing your family.

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