My end-season shoots this year have perfectly lined up with the best days of fall! For someone who stalks the forecast a week before a scheduled shoot, that is thrilling. 😀 I met the Webb family at their gorgeous home on Lyman Lake and was in love with the setting immediately upon taking the turn into their driveway. Tanner and Lauren are very close to my kids ages with similar personalities, so I thoroughly enjoyed getting them to warm up to me and laughing with them at their antics. We took the last half of the shoot to Anna Gene Park where colors abounded on the trees and the ground. For a photo shoot of course, but also just in general life I love seeing a family play this well together. Playing in the leaves, running around, swinging, sliding- the interaction and bonding moments warm my heart. This family loves each other and loves to play; and I was happy to have the opportunity to capture a small amount of that with this shoot. Beautiful family, David and Molly!

img_0132 img_0189 img_0355 img_0367 img_0545img_0869 img_0778 img_0609img_0733img_1002 img_0914

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