So if “Naturally Captured,” by name and function, is more laid back, more “as you are,” trying to recreate moments that might look like a real-life moment in your life, how does that translate to a more formal, posed, business stock session? The professional head shots and “at work” poses. By nature, involving more “place your hand here” and “look over there and tilt your chin up” directions than I typically give. I like to think it sticks pretty closely to being naturally captured, actually.

First thing I did for Lindsey is to give her a hypothetical client and put her to “work.” Sure, I gave her pointers on expressions and posture. But for real, she’s working. (Anyone want to start a wedding florist shop in Duluth? It’s jump-started already…)

Her gallery is overflowing (over 70 images!) of pondering, thinking, working, smiling, formal businessing (new word alert), and meet-the-real-me pictures. Because she wears every one of those hats for her business. Posing, yeah. Recreating real moments Lindsey lives in a given week as small business owner, definitely. And in the best of both worlds of a photo shoot and stock photography, not only did we do images of her, but also her STUFF. Her computer, her glasses, her coffee mug, her cute, little plant-pet. So the phone images and snapshots of her day that she takes and includes in her social media posts can have the same props as her stock photography… consistency at its finest.

Functional, “technical” concepts I kept in mind while shooting:
*Lots of negative space – Room for titles, catch lines, business logos and whatever her heart desires
*Her brand colors – Keeping a uniform look for brand consistency
*Horizontally and vertically oriented images – prepared for whatever need
*Light and clean images – keeping the image visually appealing and versatile for social media, blog, website, brochure, and many other uses

Excuse the long post. I’m just excited to be branching out in another realm of photography that I enjoy doing and keeping with the laid-back, true-to-life style of photography that I love most. Keep and eye on and her social media platforms to see more of her stock photos in use. Thanks for the portfolio builder, Lindsey! 🙂

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