As you can imagine, taking a senior session to a golf course means we put on our miles! We started out in the vicinity of the parking lot, and I was finding the lighting I’m always on the hunt for where we were. But then, waaaaay over there I saw this sweet bridge, and one thing led to another until by the end we had pretty much trekked the whole course. Tyler was a trooper, though, and in between shots answered my incredibly novice golf questions, talked football of which I know slightly more, and offered up some stories about my not-so-little brothers (bonus!). He struck poses and readjusted said poses spectacularly, and gave up his charming smile easily. I’m so glad to have been able to take these pictures of such an exciting time of life. Cheering you on as your last year of high school starts and the next chapter is rising up, Tyler! Make it under par.

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