You know those super duper, cute moments that make your heart melt so much it comes out your lips something like “Oh my lands, that is so stinken’ CUUUUUTE!” There were SO MANY of those moments in this session. I mean, they start off cute already, but the way this family interacts is ridiculously adorable. That baby girl has every single member wrapped around her finger (perhaps none more so than Daddy… see her future wedding slide show picture at the bottom…). The boys, despite being rough and tough, wrestling sort of little men, don’t hesitate one little moment to throw their arms around each other or kiss their mother. And Dad and Mom? They may be celebrating over 10 years of marriage, but that mushy, gushy love is still right there, just waiting for an opportunity for a public display of affection. 😀 Needless to say, very little direction and prompting needed to happen. This shoot just kind of rolled along, and everyone eagerly ran (literally, in some cases) with each prompt given. They were one of my first clients 3 years ago when I officially kicked off my business… and I so loved the opportunity to spend an entire session’s worth of time with them for some updated pictures… and include a little princess, this time, too! <3

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