This post should start something like: “It really doesn’t matter if a wedding is in summer or winter, the day is just filled with the warmth of love.”
But it was -1 degree Ferenheit with an even colder wind chill, and though their love was evident and heart-warming, IT WAS FREEZING. This wedding was for my sister-in-law and her fiancé, and I vowed up until that point I would never shoot a sibling’s wedding. Never say never. 😉 Honestly, I’m glad I did, because the challenge of shooting while surrounded by people I know grew me. It was more fun for it’s own reasons and more difficult for it’s own reasons. The joy of being a part of their marriage was real, though, and I’m so thankful to have been able to capture the culmination of God bringing these two people together.
The sweet spot to the Northland cold is the beauty that comes with it, and these brave [crazy] souls toughed it out for some gorgeous outdoor pictures. (I, being much less brave [crazy], unashamedly donned snow pants and a ski coat regardless of my dress…)

Happy (warm) marriage, Talitha and Lucas!

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