Stepping out of normal family and children posts to showcase Naturally Captured’s capstone of the 2016 season. This was only my second wedding, and as such was preceded by many friends and family asking me, “Ooh, are you nervous?” Truth be told, I wasn’t! I did my homework, planned for scenarios, played rehearsal in my head (not infrequently), and just felt… ready. Oh, but the best part? My bride and groom were all kinds of laid back. “I’d really like this shot, but you know what, not a big deal.” “Hey, that would be a cool picture, if it works. We’ll see how it goes.” They expressed multiple times their desire for candids. They just wanted the special moments captured while they were enjoying their day. They wanted their pictures to wrap around their day, not the day to wrap around their pictures. Not to say we didn’t chisel out some time dedicated for photography, but I love their attitude about their pictures and about their day. The smiles they shared when they saw each other for the first time in the ceremony, while they posed for pictures, while they socialized with their guests, while they danced… I feel safe assuming they really enjoyed their day… and will enjoy forever TOGETHER. <3 Congratulations, Adam and Susanna!

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