A 6-month shoot is kind of like a 1-year… with more cheeks. đŸ™‚ What’s not to love?!?! I personally love the 6 month age as I am all about the baby babbles, the rolls, the beginning of play, the interaction, and the discovery of new things. Sophia was so much fun in her playing and poking, but ESPECIALLY in her love of all things daddy and mommy. The mutual adoration in this family is pretty easy to pick up on. Mommy’s exercise stunts are oh, so funny and a riot to copy. Daddy is fascinating to watch while he talks, and apparently can tickle her funny bone without even touching her! Plus, he adoringly gave her (her first?) a little bouquet which was both cute/romantic and… delicious. The faces she gave in under an hour of inside play, outside pretties by the willow tree, and romping through the grass by a country road made paring down the image count to a reasonable number pretty difficult. Plus, those big beautiful blueberries for eyes set in those kiss-me cheeks. Too cute! Congratulations on your daughter that can light up the world with her smile, Daniel and Hanna. It was an honor… and a blast. đŸ™‚

img_9419-1 img_9484-2 img_9498-1 img_9530-3 img_9621-5 img_9687-7 img_9694-8 img_9741-9 img_9816-10 img_9937-1

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