Rain. For about three days straight I stalked the extended forecast. I had the hourly breakdown memorized. Right down to, “Oh! Two o’clock is only an 84% chance instead of 93% now!” Finally, I allowed myself a mental break and just made a plan. Shy of snow, I made myself ready for whatever we got, and stopped stressing. The weather does not make a wedding beautiful, it’s the people. The couple’s joy, their love. Andrew and Shea clearly had this vision because their joy was undaunted, and though we shrugged and sighed when the rain drops started RIGHT AT pre-wedding picture time, we were ready. The images we captured represent a day that was uniquely theirs… but that was going to be true even if the sun was shining radiantly. Key factor to success in the photographer’s world on that day? The couple did a GREAT job communicating with me. All day long we touched base about what we had planned, what had been accomplished, how the events were unfolding. We tweaked plans to keep the happy medium of capturing their day and enjoying their day. Though they haven’t seen them all, I hope when they do, they will feel the same amount of success I do. Here’s a sample of a wedding, Shea and Andrew style.


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