Since he’s my brother, I must take a moment to say, “What in the world?!?! YESTERDAY we were reading children’s encyclopedias (?!?!), sharing apples, pointing out every fire truck, dancing to Silly Songs, and trying to instill a distinct lack for fear of danger by pointing out the end result, ‘no more Ryan!'” Seriously, no idea how this kid- er, “young man,” “guy,” he’d probably prefer “stud”- is graduating. Motherhood may distract me from sisterhood, but I sure love this brother of mine!

Anyways, on to the day of the shoot. (Sorry, Mom. Not trying to make this emotional. 😉 )

We took it to Northwestern High School so we could utilize the football field setting for his jersey pictures, and though the sun was up and unclouded, we embraced the shadows for a dimensional look. Though he was claiming he can’t pose, he’s always struck a pose with ease and he followed my directions well that day for some great shots. 🙂 And, I might add, wrestled in and out of his pads without even smooshing his hair- I was impressed! After the field, we just hopped to all the shade patches and smiled and didn’t smile and showcased Ninja Warrior skills and Bond poses. Grad shoots do NOT have to be all straight-backed and paste-smiled. 😀

Congratulations on your last year of high school, Ryan! XOXOX (And remember, you can’t wipe off my kisses, they soak right in…)

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