For the last of my peak season photo shoots, I had the Renne family. Shantrice told me on the phone that they like to do “old-fashioned.” Dress. Setting. Look of pictures. I agreed with enthusiasm because though I had never done this before, I was bubbling over with ideas and excited to work out these new¬†muscles! So we probed around for an ideal location, and I couldn’t have been more TICKLED PINK when I landed permission to shoot at a cute, local caboose I’ve driven by all my life! Needless to say, this very photogenic family posed, interacted, tried and gave ideas fabulously. There’s interactive, there’s posed, there’s candid, there’s lost in a moment. Beau and Shantrice you wear old-fashioned so well! And your three-some of personality, well they wear it well, too… but I think they must look good in any snap of the shutter. You have a lovely family, and I am so excited at the privilege of taking these pictures!

img_5678-1 img_5744-3 img_5766-4 img_5804-5 img_5852-6 img_5923-7 img_5967-8 img_5973-9 img_6017-10 img_6065-11 img_6220-12

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