This post, in fact this entire gallery, screams childhood. I just love it. First off we started with the three siblings as the little 2-year-old was in a good mood and geared up for pictures, and having a 2-year-old myself, I know not to squander the bright eyes and smiles. First off they read a book together on a blanket and I about passed out from cuteness when I heard their out-of-country accents. 😀 Everything I gave them, even though they span ages enough to differ in interests, they loved it, ate it up, rocked it… and wanted to see it on the back of the camera. 🙂 Trekking down the road, running on the driveway, jumping in the field, keeping dry under the umbrellas. I come prepared with more ideas than necessary, so that I’m ready if an idea isn’t working or kids just flat out don’t want to do it. I had more than enough ideas for this trio! Moving onto their 13-year-old cousin, then, I wanted to reflect the age appropriately: Something more mature, and yet not throwing childhood to the wind.  The photogenic genes must run in the family, because the last half went as well as the first! I adore all the personality Olivia gave me with her posing, her dancing, just letting loose and being silly… but doing it with class. So excited to get both of these families their images… it’s a big bowl of drippy fun childhood.

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