Last week was full to the brim of blaze orange and woods and family for me… with one precious break to capture Owen’s first days of life. He’s a smart cookie and stayed tucked in his oven where it was warm and cozy just as long as he could, but finally, he made his entrance greeted with all the love two parents could give. He arrived at my house so snuggly and cuddly in his carseat and let out one little squall when he got out and freshened up for pictures. A little snuggle and a one secure wrap, and he was out again, dreaming baby dreams. He was perfect. We set him up, oh so cute. We nestled him with Dad and Mom. Those were the parts we could set up or try to inspire. What we can’t? The baby stretches and yawns. Or the adorable, little pout he gave me (featured in this Facebook post!). Mommy and Daddy’s adoration and full hearts just spilling over. What a special time, and each day is progressively different. These fresh, new baby/new daddy and mommy moments, though? Now they’re forever. My own heart bursts so much to be able to hand over these captured moments, that it makes a break from the woods totally, TOTALLY worth it.

Thanks so much for letting me capture your little man and all that family love, Sam and Katie! Keep on eating up these baby days.

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