Many parents, I feel, would love to have epic pictures to capture their 1-year-old’s adorable features, looks, reactions, budding coordination, and baby-to-toddler transitional play and interactions. Many more parents, I’m fairly certain, look at adorable, epic pictures of other 1-year-olds and say, “MY child would NEVER _________ [hold that pose, give that look, cooperate with that game, etc.].” Read on, Parent, because I assure you, the children who have their pictures taken do not first pass an “abnormally perfect child model” test.

I expect them to act like a 1-year-old.
I expect them to be incredibly shy and need Dad or Mom very near for possibly the majority of the time.
I expect them to not trust me, and certainly not trust my camera.
I expect them to hold attention on a prop/toy for a whopping 4 minutes and want something new.
I expect them to not stay in position- at all, really! (All those crawling pictures- yep, toddler on their way to something else!).

I plan to swing with what your 1-year-old will go with.
I plan to take several pictures while the child is with Dad or Mom so they learn that the camera does not sprout legs and chase them.
I plan to begin with as much distance as possible to slowly, non-threateningly let your child become comfortable with the environment.
I plan to have several props/toys that go with a theme. We normally start with one, move through the whole pile in short order, and start back at the beginning.
I set my camera to freeze constantly-moving action and plan to do plenty of moving myself to keep up with this energetic subject!

As corny and “sales-ish” as that sounds, it’s true! This combination will result in forever captured memories of your very natural, very unique, quickly-changing 1-year-old. Naturally Captured loves 1-year-olds. 🙂

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