Baby Ole comes armed with smiles and dimples- but not this day he didn’t! Feeling the pressure of celebrity status for this shoot (perhaps?), he responded like the best of us and ate and ate until finally, he was too full to fight sleep anymore. Then his parents and I whispered and snuck around like criminals while we got some of the CUTEST pictures with his small army of giraffes. Chubby cheeks, always adorable, but his little lips KILL me. Parents, Brett and Mary, had me laughing (or trying not to!) the whole way through as their natural sense of humor is only enhanced being parents. 🙂 I suspect they will find lots of laughable moments through the adventures of parenting, and am so thankful for this opportunity to capture this beginning of it!

IMG_8998 IMG_9002 IMG_9010IMG_9082 IMG_9023 IMG_9062 IMG_9090 IMG_9139 IMG_9195 IMG_9271 IMG_9286

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