In my unapologetic love for 1-year-old’s, I’ve realized the collision of two worlds that makes this stage so enjoyable, photographically speaking. When taking pictures of newborns, I always have a goal to get some closeup pictures of little features: ears, toes, fingers, wrinkles, baby fuzz, whatever screams tiny baby to me. Skip a few years to toddlers or older, I’m focusing on more action, interests, abilities and personalities. Morph those ages like two brand new tubs of play dough and you get the beautiful marbled outcome of a 1-year session. See, those fingers do more than grasp mommy’s finger these days; now, in their pudgy little state, they grasp a ball or discover the buttons on a toy. The little toes are more than edible ornaments; they now stabilize, curl and spread corresponding to emotion. (However, straight out of the bath, they’re still edible.) There’s personality to be had: the discovery of something new. Adoration for mommy. There are so many forms of transportation, so many ways of communication. There might be some snuggling, some kisses. This unique age holds so many moments that beg to be captured. Some that weren’t there yesterday, and some that won’t be there tomorrow. Some that need to be closeup and zeroed in, and some that need to be scaled back and taken with surroundings included. Nixon’s pictures below are such good examples of what my words are trying to say. Enough grasping for words, scroll down to see a perfect more-than-baby, not-quite-toddler. <3

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