Canal Park in Duluth, MN. A bit of a tourist attraction, as well as a hot spot for locals. Beautiful for pictures. But all those people. Because no matter how beautiful the setting, nothing ruins pictures like a bunch of touristing photo bombers. So instead of just hopping here and there and doing all kinds of fun things we had to employ patience as our constant friend for this session. I’d give Nicole the run-down of how we were going to set up the next set of images and then we’d wait for that moment when we could make it look like she’s the only one there, and she’d follow previously described instructions perfectly. I’d give my verbal descriptions. I’d perform my example. Then I’d just send her out there and say, “Something like that, but however it feels natural to you.” And she OWNED it! A beautiful smile, a fun moment, looking serious, looking like she owned the world: whatever I threw at her, she got it done with flair. The insane wind at the time helped with some fabulous tossed-curls look, as well. It’s hard for me to be patient. It throws a little whirlwind in my mental game plan. But Nicole (and her mom!) waited so fabulously for the moment I needed, that it really made success out of a chaotic setting. (Dog lovers that they are, I think they picked out every dog within sight and made eyes at them during our down time. 😀 ) Thanks for your fun spirit and fabulous flair, Nicole! Take it with you in your last year of high school and beyond and you will find joy in all the changes. 🙂

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