When Naturally Captured was still a whisper, I got to do my debut shoot with this little beauty-cutie, Alaina, and we included mom, Susanna, jumping in a few for some family pictures bursting in beauty.

This being my first “official” shoot, there were so many new elements! It had been some time since I had taken pictures of someone that wasn’t an infant, graduate, or engaged couple, let alone a comfortable family member accustomed to my camera in his or her face. Also, since it was such a nippy spring day, most of the shoot was in my new, little studio set up. Regardless, it went so well with Alaina’a eagerness to pose and smile – eye twinkle included. Her occasional confusion marked by a scrunch-face frown added great candids for a thorough library of an engaging girl. So thankful to Susanna and Alaina for helping me kick things off!

Child (18 of 27)


Family (39 of 40)

Child (23 of 27)



Child (21 of 27)

Child (20 of 27)






Child (24 of 27)






Family (40 of 40)

Family (37 of 40)

Child (27 of 27)



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