It is pretty much mandatory to have voluminous cheeks when one’s eyes are THIS LARGE. My husband was sitting next to me when I was editing some of the pictures and I pointed to one (included below… you’ll know it when you see it) and said, “Could his eyes be any bigger?!?” Malachi is a handsome little man in the cutest kind of way with a whole handbag of adorable and hilarious (and everything in between!) faces that made it hard not to give Dad and Mom 150 images! We employed Mom, Sister and Cousins to extract his little giggles and laughs, but we also toned everyone down and let him just pick grass, clean dirt off of wood and otherwise enjoy his surroundings. Doesn’t he make the cutest little lumberjack you EVER DID SEE?!?! Sure do love this little nephew of mine (and his sister who snuck in for a pic update, as well. 🙂 ). Being 1 only happens once, Mr. Malachi. Live it up!

IMG_2702-5 IMG_2719-6IMG_2602-2IMG_2613-3IMG_2562-1 IMG_2765-7 IMG_2813-8IMG_2933-1 IMG_2854-9 IMG_2902-10 IMG_2959-11

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