It’s so funny when I go to take a family’s pictures- I never know if I’m up against impossible shyness or abounding energy. After being properly introduced to “Marybird” (the stuffed bird/blankie you’ll see in several pictures) approximately 45 seconds after I walked in the door, I knew this shoot would not have the obstacle of shyness to overcome. 🙂 These girls were so cute as they laughingly denied that the thing their mom was holding was not a baby elephant, but their sister, as they showed me all their favorite places and toys in the yard and all their skills- especially hide and seek. However, I don’t know if I’ve ever had to negotiate with my subjects to take turns taking pictures! I think photography may be in Sydney’s future as she eagerly jumped on every opportunity offered to be behind the camera… bonus that she’ll have two awesome sidekicks for sisters with all the prop help and subject matter she’ll need. The energy of this family just had me laughing, but it had them laughing, too, and that’s what’s important. New little Elsie was completely unfazed by it all, and will undoubtedly be learning all the little girl adventure ropes just as soon as she can. Thank you, Ian and Hailey, for the opportunity to capture all the life and sparkle that is bursting from your wonderful family.

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