If you saw my Facebook sneak peek for this family, you saw an adorable picture of the two who started this family (check it out here of Josh and Steph) and that I mentioned that they were my first engagement session 9 1/2 years ago. Imagine the excitement and fun I’ve had as I’ve become auntie to their children and photographed each new life that has grown their family… This shoot was a riot as the two toddlers were eager to show me all their big kid accomplishments and pose oh-so-adorably as they saw Daddy and Mommy doing. And the little peanut, well, smiles abounded as usual. I love the mixture of “dressed up for pictures” and “keeping it real in the natural environment” that we got from this session. Whether it was “can you make your sister laugh?” or riding a bike, or going for a walk, we kept the action happening, and they cooperated so well! These three have energy to spare so we used it, we directed it, and we got some real life (read: ADORABLE) images from it! Can’t wait to deliver the relatives their full album of family love. ^_^


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