In the park with this family, we PLAYED. Nerf wars. Races. Follow the leader. Snacks. Okay, that one isn’t a game, but as good as. This shoot lasted 2 hours. That is a long shoot for adults, let alone children. Why and how? In getting “perfect posy” pictures of 4 kids individually, together and with the whole family, it by nature is going to take longer than a kid is going to enjoy. And then Dad and Mom have pretty much no chance of enjoying it either. Plus, slapping out a list of perfect shots is not fun, and does not engage all that fabulous of smiles. So we play. Because it’s fun. And in between play, we pose. And while we play, we get action. Happy, fun action. In the end, the desired result is a fun time… remembered by great photos. While I can’t answer if the Ledin family had fun (although a lot of the pictures would indicate there’s a chance of that), I can say they PLAY WELL! The whole family. Their albumĀ is one-of-a-kind, reflective of 6 individual personalities that make one great-looking, fun-loving family.

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