This was a perfect June day for a lifestyle shoot. A lifestyle shoot is something I’ve always thought would be a perfect option for the family who has children who balk at being posed, whether because of age or because of their thinking portraits are a silly waste of play time. So, I met the oh-so-cute and full-of-character Ledin family at a park and we alternated just setting the kids loose to play, doing some “directed” play, and then trying an occasional pose. The pictures this family ended up with weren’t all perfect “posey,” but they are so candid and natural. I LOVE capturing a child’s joy, and this day provided plenty of opportunity. Thanks for letting me capture your cute family, Nick and Jackie… and way to put 3 cute kids in the world. Well, 4 cute kids come December, undoubtedly.

IMG_5392 IMG_5412 IMG_5428IMG_5447 IMG_5466 IMG_5483 IMG_5488 IMG_5506 IMG_5514 IMG_5538 IMG_5555 IMG_5584

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