If you follow my blog or social page at all, fear not, this is not a duplicate post of a wedding previously captured this summer. Same location, yes. Same weather, yes. Completely different wedding. This one was a nail-biter actually, because the weather was just iffy enough to make a person hope (with umbrellas packed, of course). Unfortunately, the best it did was lighten to a mist, and Abe and Kylie had all the pro’s and con’s mapped out, but the glaring light in the middle of it all was that this was their day. Their beginning of forever. They checked with me to make sure it wouldn’t drown my equipment (for which I was thankful!), and I assured them that I had packed weather resistant covers for myself and my gear, and though I might not look glamorous, I was game. A lot of people pulled together and accommodated to make their outdoor wedding happen. Undoubtedly, they must have dreamed of a warm embrace from the sun or soft kisses of a fragrant summer breeze, and that didn’t exactly happen. But they still got a beautiful outdoor wedding. And at the end of the day, we had all drip-dried, laughed, and celebrated; and this couple got some fabulous, never-to-be-forgetten memories of their fairytale day that kicked off the beginning of their forever. These images are not beautiful in spite of the rain. They are beautiful because God wanted to use rain in their love story, so we used it, too. Congratulations, Abe and Kylie. ^_^

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