Weddings are pretty much a big deal. No matter if you stressed about getting everything just so, or left all the planning to your sister, it’s a memory you’ll never forget of one very beautiful tradition. The whole of this wedding was gorgeous, but the details really made it individual and breathtaking. The details in her dress and hair and bouquet. The brand new, steel-toe boots under her dress. The unscripted detail of SO MANY unposed moments. The beautiful farm details. The gorgeous mid-pasture setting. The special childhood memory, photo op spots. The details images can’t capture, like the smell of a warm autumn day, or the sound of distant mooing during the ceremony. The detail of being planted in the middle of God’s creation (clearly in God’s country…), listening to the minister credit God with the beautiful design of marriage, watching two people make a covenant before God as they start this adventure. The so very important details of having an unbridled blast on your wedding day and being surrounded by your absolute best humans to celebrate.

The part that gave me the privilege to be a part of these details? Kristina said the first, most important detail in planning her wedding was choosing her photographer. I couldn’t have been more honored to have captured such a lovely wedding. The beauty was everywhere. The joy, hard to miss. Congratulations on your marriage, Adam and Kristina. So hope these images bring up all the joyful feelings of one really great day.

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