When the members of a family shoot span 4 generations, it becomes a clan photo shoot. 🙂 Seriously, this is much less a family shoot in that I’m not able to say, “Okay, now try this.” or “Let’s play this.” or “You guys just do your thing while I back up over here and snap away.” No, when a new shot means jumbling up over a dozen people and rearranging to make all faces visible, it takes on new creativity then the average family shoot. I prepared for this shoot with a few ideas of my own, and the Kelleher family had their list of desired shots, and we fired them off, one after another. It took on a little bit more of the “formal” pictures at a wedding. But maybe a little more relaxed then the “Hurry up, 200 people are waiting for us” setting of a wedding. 😀 This clan put on some charming smiles, but if you know this family, you know a chuckle (in the very least) is never far off, so there is much fun to be had in their family portraits, as well. It was a fun challenge and change-up from my average shoot to capture 4 generations of the Kelleher family… So enjoyed capturing the love of seasoned, time-weathered hands holding each other to plump baby hands only knowing the joy of playing in dirt and throwing food. Thanks for the honor of capturing your beautiful family, Kellehers!

img_3108-1 img_3169 img_3291 img_3331 img_3459 img_3486 img_3502img_3136img_3522

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