Before I dive into the in’s and out’s of this photo shoot, I must just say how sweet Kayla is. Stunning eyes with a great smile which she wipes off for a fabulous serious look. She was a trooper to try all the different poses even when you could see in her eyes, she was highly doubtful it looked attractive at all. 😀

So I got to Canal Park and it was crawling, I mean CRAWLING with boats, people, cars and seagulls. I scoped it out a few minutes before we met and collected ideas of how to capture JUST Kayla and not a backdrop of hectic craziness behind her. Right away we scooted to a quieter spot and progressed to the more popular places as we saw a lull in tourists. We did wait, change plans, and skip ideas due to people to a degree, but I’m thoroughly thrilled that we were given moments to hatch out some of the ideas I had in my head! Kayla executed like a model.

Thanks for the opportunity to take these pictures, Kayla! Good luck on your last few month of high school and the exciting next chapter of life!

IMG_1419-1 IMG_1513-2 IMG_1621-4 IMG_1624-5 IMG_1682-6 IMG_1701-7 IMG_1740-8 IMG_1816-9 IMG_1865-10 IMG_1887-11 IMG_1916-12

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