Do your kids like to DO? As in, you cringe at the thought of getting their pictures taken because they are so silly or so squirmy or so active that you know sitting down for a pose and a pleasant smile could turn into a memory you don’t want to make? It’s okay, your kids are NORMAL. My own kids were being like this last night as I was taking a few pictures and I had to remind myself of my tactics I employ on other people’s kids: alternate fun and posed. Some of the fun is an intended “thing” for the picture. Other fun is just something completely silly to give the kids a little mental break and help them along in the workability department. This worked splendidly for the Jondreau family, as we did fun, silly, nice-and-posed, and started at the top again. I even get a little silly myself (maybe you have some of the mini monkeys I use for magic tricks laying around your house 😛 ) so the kids relax and trust me and think my ideas are at least worth a shot. I laughed at one point in this session, when Phil and Jessica were standing next to me watching some serious bubble action happening with their kids, and Phil said (a little amazed), “Look at them all just sitting there together.” No matter what we did, these kids did a great job. Both their action and their cooperation were what it takes to get some genuine family pictures. The best way to get natural pictures of your kids is to use what they have, naturally. And let’s not forget Dad and Mom. Their smiles were beautiful and their cooperation was epic. 😉 Thanks for the opportunity to capture your family, Phil and Jessica. You make for a good-looking troop. 😎

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