On the last day of our family vacation in June, I flopped on the hotel bed and did a quick scan of emails and such to find a message from Katy describing the shoot she would like for her family: something that just documents every day life for her kids. Them playing legos and chalk and running and… boy things. I responded with what I hoped was the appropriate amount, not over the top mountain of enthusiasm to her idea. After hitting send I rolled over and told Mitch, “This lady wants what Naturally Captured is all about!”

Needless to say, I had a ton of fun with this family. I half directed their play: “Hey, can you do this?!?!” and half just snapped while they played. Louie and Axel were so excited to display their skills with dimples and sparkling eyes employed, and little Rhett just soaked in Mommy’s coo’s with great happiness. We did a couple family shots, but those, too, were for the most part involving action and things they can “do.” Rather than trying to force a perfectly Pinterest, tranquil pose that ends in a Pinterest FAIL, we embraced the ages of this young (have I mentioned ADORABLE?!?) family. Thanks for the opportunity for an hour and a half in the life of your family, Clayton and Katy!

IMG_7602 IMG_7621 IMG_7640 IMG_7666 IMG_7730 IMG_7778 IMG_7810-2 IMG_7914 IMG_7941 IMG_7957 IMG_8030 IMG_8057

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