I’m so happy this shoot for Jenn and Chris worked out! It was a last-minute “Eep! Things are not going as planned- could you do a shoot in the next 4 days?” kind of a shoot. And because I love doing shoots and love helping in curve-ball situations, I wish I could always and forever drop everything and fulfill these requests. Fortunately, this time our schedules, sickness, and Easter plans worked together to make it a reality. It was meant to be. 🙂

I’m ashamed to say that in almost 30 years I have never been to this (beautiful!) spot on Wisconsin Point. Despite the beautiful location, the wind, the lighting, and the cold temps were not exactly our friends, but we worked them all to our advantage for some gorgeous images of this family waiting for little brother to enter the world. Okay, except the cold. The cold was the cold and this family just bravely posed and modeled through it like champs. The Northland produces tough, determined people like that. Even the little guy: pretty fabulous for a 2-year-old posing for pictures in the cold. Hopefully, in a few weeks, Jenn and Chris will look at these pictures, holding their baby boy saying, “remember when I was pregnant… and it was cold?” 🙂

Thanks so much for letting me partake in the making- and taking!- of these memories, Jenn and Chris. He’ll be here before you know it.

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