She wasn’t so sure of me in the beginning and watched me with a wary eye no matter what distractions were attempted. So Mom just held little Jacquelyn and we conversed and sent mom walking just so she could get used to seeing this stalking photographer around. She started warming up and getting curious about her surroundings… then Dad turned on goofball mode (complete with leaping over her seated self) and brought out her giggles. Some things are just too much to get over though, like the feeling of grass. 🙂 (Look for her feet being held completely up off the grass or at least one crossed over the other. The strength to hold them up that long was very impressive!) With just a little effort, we captured an army of smiles, scrunchy noses, and little girl play of this little 1-year-old chock-full of personality. Have a fabulous year being one, Jacquelyn!

IMG_3850-1 IMG_3864-2 IMG_3930-4IMG_4153-7 IMG_3998-5 IMG_4017-6 IMG_4263-8 IMG_4271-9 IMG_4355-10

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