Well, I knew I would love this baby right away because he has the same name as my  (not-so) baby brother (no partiality present in this girl at all….). We got right to it and prepped with the spectacular props Mom brought along. Can I just bunny trail for a moment to say how much I LOVE using YOUR props? Your baby toys, your baby theme paraphernalia, your baby blankets… because nothing makes it more personal to YOU. Ahem, anyway. I digress. We put Isaiah in our carefully prepped setup and he tolerated well for a few pictures, looking around wide-eyed. In short order, though, he realized what I believe e.v.e.r.y. single baby discovers about pictures: It makes them RAVENOUS. It makes me laugh all the moms who feed and feed and FEED their babies wondering why in the world they are suddenly eating so much. Normal. So normal for a baby shoot.

Isaiah eventually succumbed to a swaddle and a nook, and we carefully did one pose after another. Every switch he slept through we counted our blessings, and in the end we  were armed with some fabulous frozen moments in time of this adorable aviator. Congratulations, Daniel and Bethany, on your perfect little firstborn!

IMG_9198-1IMG_9229-4IMG_9217-3IMG_9209-2IMG_9341-8IMG_9248-5 IMG_9261-1 IMG_9301-7 IMG_9347-1

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