“We never expected getting pictures taken with a newborn and a toddler would be so fun!”

Ilana’s mom expressed this to me more than once during the last half of the session. Score. Goal met. While I constantly strive to improve my photography technically, my real goal is to deliver moments with the images. If my clients look at their galleries and see freeze-frames of a really great- even enjoyable!- time, I couldn’t ask for any more. It’s not about presenting a facade or pretending life is all cotton candy and unicorns, but along with the mess of every single stage are moments to cherish- even blessings to count within the mess itself!

I only had contact with Ilana’s family for two hours, but they certainly used their session to live in the moment- enjoy the right now. The way Dad and Mom openly adored baby girl and big brother alike. The way they held that baby between them and looked at each other as if there were no camera around. The way big brother was eager to hold his sister and show her love… and impress Dad and Mom with his loving big-brotherness, too. We’ll even take Ilana’s pout, smile (just in case you missed that adorable moment with brother, see it here!), and and peaceful sleep as intentional actions meant to melt Dad and Mom just a little bit more. I’m so thrilled for this family- and thankful they trusted me to create some images- and even some memorable moments!-  to keep forever. <3

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