Meet Henley. Henley just turned one. She’s this fabulous mixture of pretend-to-be-shy, energetic, darling, adventuresome and loving. Like 98% of all 1-year-old’s, you don’t pose her. You let her play and capture her gorgeous personality as it unfolds. I feel like I’ve made my methods on this age pretty clear in the past: just let them do what they want to do! However, I don’t want to inadvertently allude to not applying effort to this age. I still pay attention to lighting and angles and all of the photographer’s logistics to enhance the cuteness overload. I always have a few “key” images in mind that are my goal to capture. The trick is to plant the idea for the 1-year-old to think it’s their very own and it’s the coolest thing ever!!!

One trick that has fired pretty consistently for me is bubbles. If you follow my work, you’ve seen lots of 1-year-old’s and bubbles! The wonder and excitement in their eyes. A created, candid moment twinkling right in front of my lens. Mm-mmm. Henley didn’t disappoint. The pictures of her with the bubbles are pretty much my favorite… but, really, the whole shoot was full of shining moments.

Henley makes one cute 1-year-old, Kevin and Ali. Thank you for the chance to make timeless memories of this age. Your online gallery will be delivered to you shortly. 🙂


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