After her mom and I had been planning this session for months, it was so fun to finally meet this family for Harper’s 8 month session! This little girl just made me laugh… and is the epic example of going with what is natural for your client (who in this case is wrapped up in a baby-size package, and is not going to be manipulated to do anything she doesn’t want to do, anyway!). One of the shots I love for somewhere around the 6 month age is when they lay on their backs and grab their toes. Pure baby cuteness, right there. Well, we put Harper on her back a couple times and tried to inspire this shot and after seeming very confused and maybe slightly humored, became furious. To think that we would ask such juvenile things out of this clearly mature 8 month old who is crawling and pulling herself up and clamoring out of tubs… and way beyond the lay-on-back-and-grab-toes stage of life. Like I said, this baby made me laugh. So we took Harper shots. Doing the things she liked, the things that made her happy. I’d say she gave all the opportunity needed for a gallery bursting with individual adorableness. And I still captured those cute little toes a different way. 😉 Thanks so much for trusting me with capturing some memories of this priceless time of life, Jayden and Ashley!

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