In a three-year history with photographing the Hansen family, the weather has not been our friend. Last year, I kid you not, it finished raining as I got out of my vehicle at the shoot destination and it started storming when I got back in my vehicle after we had finished. We got it in, but- eek! The first year, for little Cambre’s 1-year shoot, we were driven indoors due to bad weather. So, no surprise this year that there was a 100% chance of rain the scheduled day of our shoot! With a quick switch in schedule we moved it up a couple of days and had a perfect summer day… marked by perfect summer activities. As my plan with every shoot, we kept things moving along. Coloring, swinging, an umbrella and a hose (how can you go wrong?!), running, twirling, picking flowers. There are so many fun, summery, beautiful moments in this collection… enjoy a small sample below. Cory and Cathy, thank you for being ever-workable with our rash of bad weather problems, and doubly thank you for the honor of taking your 2017 family collection. Every year has been beautiful. 🙂

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