This shoot is a little out of the norm for me most notably for the artificial lighting that was needed. But with this family spread all over the country, two of which live the military life, my heart was so overjoyed that they got to be together that I dusted off the old studio lighting and agreed to the evening shoot. Little kids in shoots late in the day are normally much more prone to meltdowns, and this group was going to have 6 of them. Normally, I’m prepared for action: there’s going to need to be lots of fast change and lots of action prompts. However, this shoot was more formal in nature, with lots of big group setups, and “Ope! Hold that while I get this one to look…!” I armed myself with bouncy light-up balls and a couple strings of beads, all of which were totally employed! 🙂 And you know what, these kids did a remarkable job. Just enough acting up to remind us they’re kids. 😉

Halversons and extended family: You’re a riot (in the best way) and I sincerely hope Christmas was everything you dreamt it would be. Thank you for the honor of putting it down photographically speaking. <3 Here’s to lots more Christmases together!!twin-ports-family-portraits-2073 twin-ports-family-portraits-2107 twin-ports-family-portraits-2140twin-ports-family-portraits-2120 twin-ports-family-portraits-2147 twin-ports-family-portraits-2273 twin-ports-family-portraits-2265 twin-ports-family-portraits-2203 twin-ports-family-portraits-2192 twin-ports-family-portraits-2166

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