Weather is kind of a photographer’s nightmare. Just the whole thing in general, because, see these beautiful summery images below? It was storming just 2 hours earlier. As it was, we were so thankful the skies cleared out, despite leaving in it’s wake some incredible wind that had little Isaiah wrinkling his nose in the funniest way and Bethany’s beautiful, lush curled hair less… curled. As I often tell people who are exasperated because of the surroundings or their child’s behavior or whatever: All I need is a moment. This shoot was full of fabulous moments. Sure we had to work around hair whipping everywhere. We had to wait to blow bubbles so they wouldn’t bombard the little guy’s face at 30 mph. And the patience was worth it because I couldn’t stop smiling as I worked on this entire gallery of disarming smiles, joy, wrinkle noses, disgust (trust me- hilarious!!!), curiosity, and just pure family love. Your family did a spectacular job, Daniel and Bethany… capturing these images was an absolute joy. Thank you for the privilege. 🙂

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