I like to think it’s obvious- but don’t want to take anything for granted! When you see Naturally Captured images, I hope you see my love: for all things natural. I’m much more about the moment, than the pose. I approach a session with an overflowing of ideas for “poses,” but I hold to all of them loosely, because what I really REALLY REALLY want more than a pose is a look, a shared moment, a tease, a tickle, a jab in the ribs, an inside joke. A quiet thought, or curious look. Wide-eyed wonder. What really makes a picture beautiful is when it’s really YOU. I’d prefer your pictures to reflect YOUR FAMILY than the top pin, or sales flyer pictures. Less formal, more relaxed. Less stock-ish, more personal.

If this is what you like, too, then maybe my photography is for you! You might enjoy seeing some behind-the-scenes on how I make it work before you commit. Or, if you enjoy taking pictures yourself, then maybe these tips are for your use. Either way, click the link to download a free quick-tip rundown of 5 of ways I draw out a natural look:



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