In case you’ve missed this vibe before I LOVE 1-year-old’s. They are so genuine. Their looks are so spontaneous. No poses allowed because they’ll do what they want to do- and I love it. However, I have expounded on this before (, so I’ll spare the repetition and turn it to the star of this show: Emma!

She fulfilled every one of the afore mentioned loves of a 1-year-old. She also warmed up quickly, so there was little drawing out necessary! She came, she played, she took a snuggle break, and she played some more. Everything I “plan” for with a transitioning baby/toddler calling the shots. I love her little wrinkle nose… about equally as much as her little frown. 🙂 Her blue eyes are all kinds of beautiful. She reminded me again of my adoration of shooting this age. It was so fun getting to know Emma (and Mom!) in an hour of constantly changing baby fun.

Thank you so much, Brandon and Molly, for the privilege of capturing your lovely daughter. <3

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