My husband’s family is getting ultimate gifts this year: His brother got a baby and his sister got a husband. All the love. THIS post is featuring the baby… a future post will feature the bride and groom. 🙂

Baby Elsie was in my living room in utero to document a couple quick pregnancy pictures one day and less than a week later she was there in person. <3 She came all kinds of sleepy and Mom (super smartly) had her dressed in a snap-up sleeper, so we just undressed her and soothed some slight squeaks with her pacifier… and took pictures. One after another. Each pose was guaranteed to be the last but a little paci fix here and there and she was in dreamland most of the time! Finally, we quit soothing her and let her wake up to eat and get a couple pictures with Mommy. A couple more pictures (including one looking right at her Auntie *melt*), done. Easy peasy newborn shoot, for sure! I’m loving all the chances I get to welcome new life to the world this way. Each newborn shoot is my favorite.

Welcome to the world, Little Angel. You are loved immensely.

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